Senin, 29 Maret 2010

The Difference Between a Hyip and a Ponzi ?

Am i playing the safe side?

All you know that you can made money from investing into HYIP. Online HYIPs rarely provide information to their investors of what is done with their money. This makes it easy for fraudulent programs to succeed. Dishonest organizers can set up a website to look like the other HYIPs available on the net, wait for investors to place their money in their hand and then stop the activity and walk away with the cash.

What exactly is a ponzi scheme ?

Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes has nothing to do with investments, business or sales. Simply because they do not trade your money or they do not sell you anything. The fact is that a ponzi scheme uses the money of new investors to pay out old investors. Some ponzi schemes are surviving a few weeks and some of them even a few months. But this is for sure they all go die after some time. Why? Because mathematically it is impossible to find new investors. Or sometimes the legal authorities find out the ponzi scheme and close it.

A true Ponzi scheme usually promotes what appears to be a real investment opportunity which investors may contribute to without actually being an affiliate, distributor etc. A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, usually requires that participants make a payment for the right to recruit other people into the scheme, at which point they will receive money.

There are a number of ways to spot a Ponzi scheme from a genuine HYIP opportunity. You can find many hyips on Firstly, be wary of schemes that offer a high daily percentage return. If a site offers you 40% a day on your investment, you should question where the funds will come from to make that level of payment. Secondly, although HYIPs often pay you for referring others to their schemes, these payments are often low. If you are offered 10% per referral it is worth considering if that may be because referrals are the only way for the system to keep going. Lastly, look closely at the site and its design and functionality. If you spot a lot of content that looks as though it has been simply copied from another website, or if the design and layout is particularly amateurish, it could well be that the organizers know that it will not be needed for long as the system is only a short term thing to make them money.

Be wary of anything that sounds too good to be true. It probably is if it sounds like it might be. Anyone that promises a guaranteed return in any amount of time is probably not legitimate. There is no such thing as a guaranteed return when it comes to investing money. And on any return there is no guaranteed amount that can be returned. So either promise is someone out to scam you. Common sense goes a long way when it comes to investing money anywhere.

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Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

How to Avoid Losses in HYIP ?

How to avoid Scam

There is no 100% flawless full proof plans to always earn from investing on the internet for 3 main reasons:

1. Pyramid scheme most of there program use the pyramid system which basically say that the person that invested first has a better chance to earn than the people after him.

2. Scam – these days almost every one can open his own investment site using a legal or illegal script, it’s hard to spot a scammer but there are some ways to check it.

3. Luck – think of this as a gamble you win some you lose some.

I am using a very simple method to invest money on the internet

How to spot a scam?

1. License check – today its easy to get free license, many scammer use

It in order to check for a hyip script license goes to

This company sells hyip script and here you can check the hyips domain.

2. A scam site usually will buy for his host or domain for a very short time you can check its Expiration Date in

site like this:

If you see he paid for only one month that should light your bulb.

3. The design – cheap and ugly doesn’t point it’s absolutely a scam but you better think twice, scammer want to

invest the minimum.

What to do before investing?

After you check for scam signs comes the part of research.

Check the program on big sites and money forums like MMG or GPF and see what the other investor has to say about it.

Check the monitors, these are sites the monitors the investment site by invest in them, the sort them by their

status (pay, pending, problem and scam) and by the investors votes.

Monitors are very good to find some new programs to invest in.

Remember, always check 4-5 monitors, there are many on the internet some good some not, compare the information.

This a good one I check everyday

How to choose ?

There are many options for investing high % low %, daily, weekly or monthly.

The high % will not last long when it’s a hyip.

Auto surf usually last longer statistically mostly because it’s easier and cheaper to open a hyip so most of the

scammer concentrate there.

Some rules about investing

If you choose a hyip with a high % for instance 150% in 3 days invest only on the first day, about 99% of these are

scams but you could earn if you are on of the primary investor.

Many hyips now use the round system, the will keep on pay till they cover 90-95% of the investors money, after that

the round is over and they use the money for advertising, if you want to participate in a round invest only in the

first day of the round else you are throwing away your money.

* don’t spend all at once always make a test spend, if an auto surf upgrade costs 10$ don’t buy 1000$ spend 10$

and check it, are they paying ?, how fast ?

See if you like it because there are many good ones today.

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Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

Three Steps To Profiting Wildly With Autosurfs And Hyips – Part III

Welcome to the third and final installment of my article series on making extreme profits in Paid-to-Surf and HYIP programs. As mentioned before, there are three primary areas where one would be wise to consider using specific strategies designed to help enhance profits, limit risks, or both.

1. Program Selection

2. Portfolio Management

3. Money Management

In Part III, let’s examine one of the more difficult areas of self-discipline, money management.

3. Money Management

There is no doubt that practicing good money management will lead you to more success, or at least insure that you avoid devastating failures.

Always remember that a primary goal of any investor should always be “Capital Preservation”.

One of the main ideas behind money management is to preserve capital so as to enable one to live to trade another day. Before you ever enter a trade, the first thing you should ask yourself is, “How much money am I risking here and can I afford to lose it?”

Good money managers in the stock market never risk more than 2% of their total equity in any one transaction. You could probably do well in the HYIP arena by risking no more than 5%. You’ll be more indifferent to any individual spend that way. Keeping your risk small and constant is absolutely critical. The idea here is that no one transaction is going to significantly affect you if it results in a loss. If a program goes under, you’re not going to go broke, or have to sell your house, car, art and jewelry in order to go on. If you really want to succeed in the treacherous waters of HYIP programs, then remember this: “Keep your losses small, and the profits will take care of themselves.”

You must never fall in love with your programs. Expect all of them to fail at some point and you won’t be so surprised when they do. That’s not being pessimistic. It’s being realistic. Your goal is to consistently make a profit while minimizing your risk. Nothing more.

The Optimal Use of Your Capital

You should first determine how much money in total you’re willing to devote to making profits with HYIPs. Let’s say you have $1000 of mad money that you feel you can risk losing without any significant damage to you or your family’s lifestyle. You’ll want to create a portfolio of let’s say 10 programs putting no more than 5% ($50) into each one. If you want to put all your money to work, then you’ll have to find 20 programs for your portfolio, putting 5% into each.

Some will ask, “Should I put the same amount in each program?” Well, this is a personal choice, but it’s our opinion that it’s very difficult to predict which programs will fail and which will survive. Generally, we suggest you spread your money evenly across programs, but if you want to put a little more into programs you feel have lower risk, then fine. You should still place no more than 10% of your money at the very most into any one program.

Most people will tell you to get your original money back as soon as possible and only play with your profits. That really doesn’t make any sense if you think about it. If you’re that worried about losing your starting bankroll that you feel you have to get it back ASAP and tuck it back into your bank account, then you shouldn’t have risked it in the first place and you shouldn’t be playing this game.

If I start with $1000 that I can afford to lose, I am certainly not going to stop using that capital just because I made a $200 profit from my portfolio. On the contrary, with $1200 of capital, I can now put $60 (still 5%) into each program instead of $50. Either increase the amount of your spend evenly across programs or increase the number of programs you have in your portfolio.

Conservately speaking, you should be able to earn at least 20% net ROI per month on your capital. This even takes into consideration the program failures you’ll encounter.

Let’s think in terms of what it would take for you to actually make a living doing this. How much do you need every month to live on? Let’s say it’s $4000. OK, then you need to build your portfolio until your monthly ROI of 20% equals $4000. Starting with $1000 and making 20% per month, it would take you about 17 months to build your portfolio up to $20,000. At that point, your 20% ROI will yield you $4000 every month. Of course, if you could start off with $2000 instead of $1000, it would only take you 13 months.

Don’t be impatient. Don’t be greedy. Keep your emotions out of it and stick to the plan. Follow the guidelines above and you will most likely achieve financial success through HYIP and Surf programs.

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